Our technology platform helps you transform your healthcare experiences to fit with the evolving needs of guests of patients and staff. Our solution offers enhanced in-hospital experiences, greater operational efficiencies and the ability to quickly pull powerful data to better support your guests and administrative teams over time.

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Minds wander in hospitals, loved ones shouldn't

Let visitors and patients navigate to key points of interest in the hospital (i.e. Lab, Pharmacy, Cafeteria, Chapel, etc.), and even specific patient rooms, using beacon-enabled turn-by-turn directions.


bring back control

Lets visitors or caregivers pre-order for pick up on arrival. Now they can maximize quality time with patients.


simplify how patients give feedback

We enable integration with patient satisfaction survey providers to let hospitals proactively manage any service issues through a mobile app. This leads to happier patients and ultimately higher HCAHPS scoring.


lose the paperwork

Give patients and their caregivers educational content like instructional videos on their smartphones, so important information is instantly accessible when they need it, saving time searching for lost papers.


payment methods

We integrate with Visa Checkout, Apple Pay and Android Pay to extend their seamless, easy and secure ways to pay to app users at your venue.


Point-of-Sale Systems

We work with a growing list of point-of-sale partners like Agilysys, Appetize, Oracle’s Micros and NCR’s Quest to enable mobile ordering, payments, and delivery. Connecting with these systems directly to guests’ mobile phones to submit orders also allows the venues to skip out on buying a lot of expensive hardware and customers enjoy seamless, easy and secure ways to pay at venues.



Give patients, visitors or staff the ability to report a security incident easily and immediately from their mobile devices using the app.


Our platform provides better operational awareness and control over the hospital administrator ecosystem. The real-time data informs you about how your patients and their visitors interact with your services to help improve patient satisfaction scores over time.


know more, treat better

Our Wisdom data & analytics dashboard updates you live during the course of the day, providing comprehensive analysis of actionable and understandable insights. Working in concert with Canopy, you can do things like determine hospital staffing needs for food or retail services by figuring out peak in-app sales times.


Operate with Total Control

Working in concert with Wisdom, Canopy acts as a command center, giving you a comprehensive overview of the operation and the control needed to choreograph it. For example, you can add a line of Teddy Bears or in-season flowers to the gift shop menu in the mobile app or send guests custom updates – like a notification that their food is on the way.