John Paul is the founder and vice chairman of VenueNext advising on various initiatives including expansion into Europe.  Prior to becoming vice chairman Paul was the chief executive officer from 2013-2018. Prior to VenueNext, Paul was Senior Vice President at Dish Digital where he created an Internet based next generation video distribution service, a continuation of his award winning work at Sling Media, which was acquired by Dish in 2007.  In 2002, Paul founded and created one of the first photo sharing services named Our Pictures Inc., which was acquired by Simple Star Inc. in 2005.

Prior to that, Paul was Senior VP and General Manager of the Server Division of Netscape, which was sold to Sun Microsystems for $1bn. Paul was named one of the 60 Most Powerful People in Sports by Worth Magazine for his innovative contributions to the industry.

Paul graduated magna cum laude from the University of Illinois with a B.S.E.E.