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Feeling safe in public places and large venues is of paramount concern for everyone today. Feeling safe at a venue could be safety from slipping on a wet floor or in a more dire, life-threatening situation.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a partnership with LiveSafe, the world’s leading mobile safety communications platform, to help make venues safer by empowering fans to discretely, and in real time, report intelligence about security and safety issues. LiveSafe’s safety and security solution is in use today at Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49er’s, and VenueNext will offer its functionality to all of its customers in 2017.

The new safety feature is seamlessly integrated with the Levi’s Stadium mobile app and allows guests to anonymously report safety concerns, suspicious activity, medical assistance, unattended packages and more to Levi’s Stadium security officials. Users are also able to interact with security officials through two-way communications and send photos, videos and audio to provide specific details.

“The safety and security of every visitor to Levi’s Stadium is the top priority for me and my team whenever we open the building,” said Jim Mercurio, San Francisco 49ers VP of Stadium Operations and General Manager. “It’s imperative that we take every precaution to keep our guests safe and LiveSafe provides another opportunity to empower our guests to report incidents quickly, with privacy and convenience.”


LiveSafe was launched in 2013 and was borne out of the desire to empower anyone to help keep communities safe. It was founded by Shy Pahlevani, a victim of a violent robbery, and Kristina Anderson, who was injured in the Virginia Tech shooting. The two collaborated and pursued the idea of using crowd sourced intelligence to engage communities to help prevent incidents and improve safety. Having more intelligence inputs makes for faster response and resolutions on security issues before they escalate.

“With this feature, we enable the fans in the venue be the eyes and ears for security,” said John Paul, CEO and founder of VenueNext.  “With LiveSafe, fans can feel confident that they have security officials at their fingertips in case of an emergency.”

The new feature will complement the existing features of the Levi’s Stadium app, which fans already use to enter the stadium with mobile tickets, order in-seat food and beverage delivery, order merchandise express pickup watch instant replays and more.

The new LiveSafe is included in the Levi’s Stadium app that is available in the App Store, and Google Play.  You can find out more about LiveSafe here.

We look forward to working with our customers to roll out LiveSafe functionality at all of the VenueNext-powered stadiums in 2017 and bring peace of mind to fans and guests who visit any of these venues.