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To fulfill our ultimate mission of connecting many of the isolated systems — payments, point of sale, food & beverage services, etc. — at a venue seamlessly, we work with other innovative technology companies to bring them into our platform.  After we tie together all these services, we’re able to present them in a seamless mobile interface to the guest, and give the venue owner a more comprehensive view of their entire ecosystem.

Today, the Texas-based company that creates a complete parking ecosystem officially announced our work together and we officially rolled out their products in December 2015 following successful testing at events throughout 2015.

We’ve been using their parking management system to easily enable parking lot attendants to accept credit cards, record cash payments and validate QR codes from pre-purchased parking reservations, all while speeding up the process for fans who were parking at the game. ParkHub does this by feeding real-time data about parking inventory, transactions and traffic flow into the VenueNext dashboard.

ParkHub has been a huge part of the positive outcomes during various events at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California and AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, bringing ease to what could have been a much more stressful day for folks driving to the game and the parking attendants trying to make sure keep things running smoothly.

We’re thrilled to continuing to work with ParkHub to bring better experiences to venue guests and those who operate those spaces!