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This week I’m excited to attend the TEAMS Conference & Expo in Atlantic City, where I’ll be talking on a panel about new technologies being deployed in the sports industry, including our connected venue platform. Specifically, we will be discussing how these technologies can help sports organizations better operate, market and entertain.

Other esteemed panelists include Ed O’Brien of the innovative company CLEAR (a VIP membership that helps you breeze past long lines), Nick Horbaczewski of the premier drone racing league Drone Racing League, Jeff Goldberg of Virtually Live, James Giglio of MVP (Motion Virtual Play) Interactive; the discussion will be moderated by Zack Sugarman, VP of Digital at Wasserman Media Group (a sports marketing and talent management company in Los Angeles).

I hope to highlight how our platform allows sports venue operators to deliver personalized mobile experiences at a sports venue. This results in fans returning more often, staying longer and spending more money.

I plan to touch on successes related to using IoT, the smartphone as a remote control and more to boost sports teams’ revenues and the fan experience.

For example, the Orlando Magic, one of the most innovative sports teams, has led to what is essentially the “Orlando Magic club” using our platform. They created their own currency called Magic Money allows fans to do things like exchange seats on the floor, or accumulate points to buy a suite. Fans can even order valet service outside their favorite restaurant for every game.  And the team has seen a $1 million bump in ticket sales and its highest season ticket renewal rates using our platform.

Get the full conference schedule here and Follow us for updates on Twitter under our handle @VenueNext during the 1:45-2:45 p.m. ET panel on Thursday, September 29 to learn insights from the talk.