As the first basketball team in the NBA to date to embrace this entirely new technology to amplify the fan experience on a mobile device, the Orlando Magic is already starting to see results since it implemented our platform during the start of this season in October.

In the past, fans had to download multiple apps to access third-party services at a game, now with the Orlando Magic app everything is in one place on your smartphone.

We’re also helping the team redefine the season ticket to make it accessible to all fans. With the new Fast Break Pass, we can give fans that can’t afford to purchase full season tickets the option of a much lower price point to come to a handful of games. Season ticket holders that can’t make it to every game can now turn their tickets in for credit up until the game time or offer them on a secondary marketplace.

The team is seeing in-app sponsorships flying in too, with two huge deals thus far.



Check out some of the key success metrics:


Revenue Boost
The Amway Center secured about a half a million dollars in-app sponsorship placement with FanDuel and Sun Pass, and over $1M increase in ticket sales with our platform in place. 


More than 80% of season ticket holders have accessed and used the app to manage tickets, enter the arena, order food/beverage/merchandise and/or purchase a seat upgrade/experience through the Magic Marketplace. 


Mobile Entry Jump
Mobile entry rates have increased more than 200% over last season.


Magic Money Usage
75% of purchases through the app have used Magic Money, the loyalty points gained in exchange for upgrades and food and beverages and a catalog of different experiences and items in this Magic Marketplace.


Fast Break Sales
Fast Break Pass sales are up 233% from last season, in part, because the app has given the Magic the ability to expand to six different Fast Break Pass products that span the entire course of a season, providing a unique product for an untapped market. 


High Adoption
Average unique monthly users this season is up almost 96% compared to last season 


(The Magic’s app) gives fans a mobile remote control, allowing them to manage tasks such as mobile ticketing, access parking and events, and order food and merchandise from their seats.
— Associated Press
The Magic is among the NBA’s most aggressive teams for incorporating cutting-edge technology at its facility... The new application eliminates the need to download multiple apps for arena services.
— Sports Business Journal


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