The VenueNext Wisdom data & analytics dashboard is a set of configurable dashboards that provides an unprecedented view of all your operations at once with actionable and understandable data you’ve never had access to before. Wisdom monitors all of your systems the VenueNext backend has access to and updates you live during the course of the day. The dashboard works together with our Canopy content management and operational control system to help operators make valuable insight-driven decisions in real time.


mobile ordering

Order wait times, order states, top selling items, outstanding orders, and stand output rate. Using this information, you can turn some stands on and off in Canopy, helping to control wait times during your event.


game center usage

Replay counts and what videos are most popular, along with video on demand and other video usage. Using this information, you can determine which videos are highlighted in the app on the fly.


app usage

Daily app usage trends, device settings like location and Bluetooth, feature viewership, click throughs, and device and version usage.


ticketing & parking

Ticket scan validity, entries over time, media type of tickets scanned, real-time information on where tickets are scanned.



Daily Data Exports

All the raw data that is generated from our mobile app, our back end systems, and our mobile access devices will be exported on a nightly basis. This data can be used to create your own custom reports, event over event analysis, and more. This includes information on total tickets by scan type, median time for completed orders, total items sold, average revenue per order, number of orders with problems reported.