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VenueNext is a leader in mobile commerce technology partnering with venues around the world. Our software is used across a range of industries – from sports stadiums and arenas, universities, hospitals and corporate campuses, to the largest theme parks in the world – adapting to a great variety of business and guest use cases.
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Mobile & Web Apps

digital ordering
  • Deliver Anywhere - From beachside cabanas to court side seats, offer your guests the luxury of delivery wherever they may be.
  • Grab and Go - Minimize the time your guests or employees spend waiting in lines by letting them order ahead with express pickup.
  • Pay Faster - Provide a cashless experience for your venue where the guest brings the point of sale with them. No cash, no friction.

self-serve Kiosk

digital ordering
  • Efficiencies - Increase order accuracy through self-service and average order value through upsells
  • Flexibility - Counter top, wall mounted and freestanding models; or “bring your own hardware”
  • Adaptable - Touch screen ordering supports single menu or multi-menu food court situations


Rewards & Benefits

rewards wallet
  • Entitlements - Extend discounts and exclusivities to VIP segments, e.g. members, and preferred card holders
  • Loyalty Rewards - Incentivize high-value activities like multi-event attendance and early arrival
  • Cash-back Benefits - Award virtual currency for reaching spending thresholds

Rich Payments

rewards wallet
  • Mobile Orders - VIP discounts and virtual currency are applied automatically towards mobile purchases
  • Walk-up Orders - Accept mobile wallet payments at your point-of-sale (POS) and at VenueNext’s kiosk
  • Express Lanes - Dedicated “express lanes” for mobile payments incentivizes app adoption


operator solutions

  • Order Management App - Use alongside, or in lieu of, a POS to update order status, notify customers and void or refund orders.
  • Delivery Runner App - Provide staff the ability to view open orders and perform deliveries.
  • Supervisors - Monitor real-time order volumes and fulfillment times to make on-the-fly adjustments


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